Should You Buy Apple’s Magic Keyboard?

Apple’s Magi Keyboard is a welcome accessory for many users, but there are still some Mac owners who have their reservations about whether or not they should bother getting it, especially considering its cost. So, we’re going to take a look at why some Mac users absolutely stand by it and why others still have issues with it, and hopefully by the end you will have some idea if you want to invest some extra cash buying one for yourself or not.


Advantages of the Magic Keyboard?


#1. Better Typing


The Magic Keyboard was first introduced to the public in the Fall of 2015 and was set to be the replacement of the Apple Wireless Keyboard which was the mainstay of Mac users since its introduction back in 2003. As such, from a usability point of view, the biggest difference between the two is how the individual keys perform while typing.  As it is designed to offer a much more easier and precise typing experience, especially when compared with a typical USB external keyboard. On a side note, if you are looking to improve your typing experience even more, then you coal also consider getting yourself a desk riser for laptop as well. This ergonomic accessory will not only position your Mac for a comfortable trying and viewing experience, but it will also help reduce the risk of back pain or eye strain too.


#2. No Need For Batteries


One of the most frustrating things about working with wireless keyboards is their over-reliance on batteries. You could be in the middle of working on something important and the devices stops working. And while you could always opt to use

use a usb-c hub to create a wired connection and connect to your Mac, it can one be an inconvenience to have to do this.


However, with the Magic Keyboard, Apple installed Lithium-Ion rechargeable cells, which only need to be charged once a month using a Lightning cable making the whole experience much less painful to deal with. In fact, Apple goes so far as to claim that charging it for only two minutes s enough to power your Magic Keyboard for an extended working period.


#3. Compatible With Other Apple Devices


One of best things about the Magic Keyboard is the fact that the keyboard is able to automatically pair with your Mac with no need for any user input, as once you turn on your computer and plug in the keyboard, the two devices will sync instantly. Moreover, it is universally compatible with all other Apple devices like iPads and Apple TV. For instance, if you are looking to pair the keyboard with an iOS device, you can easily head to Settings > Bluetooth. Once activated, it will automatically find the Magic Keyboard and you just need to pair the two. In fact, pairing the Magic Keyboard with the iPad Pro, for example, can significantly improve your levels of productivity, even while you are on the move. You can also expand your viewing experience and plug in a few other external monitors to your computer using a thunderbolt 2 to displayport and enjoy a perfect multitasking setup.



Disadvantages of the Magic Keyboard?


Despite all the positives, there’s always some downsides to hardware and the Magic Keyboard is no exception to that rule.


#1. No Number Pad


One of the biggest issues with this accessory is that it lacks a number pad, which means that if you tend to carry out a lot of work on spreadsheets, match/engineering programs, etc… then this can be quit etc inconvenience. Moreover, the keyboard also lacks any navigation keys like Page Up or Page Down and while there are workarounds, they are still not as straightforward as of there was a simple key.


The main reason for this is probably for the sake of minimizing size/portability, but considering the fact that most Mac users will leave their keyboards on their desks, the principle behind it doesn’t really make much sense.


However, the good news is that Apple fixed this problems with a new Magic Keyboard that was launched in 2017, but you will often have to end up paying an extra $30 for it.


#2. Extra Features


The Magic Keyboard doesn’t come with as many features as other alternatives. For example, the biggest missing feature that it doesn’t have is backlit keys. And while they have been a standard feature in most Apple Mac’s, it seems Apple left it out on the Magic keyboard as it would limit its usability and aesthetic design.


#3. Cost


The good news about the Magic Keyboard is that if you buy a new Mac, you will usually get the keyboard included. However, if you are looking to get yourself a replacement or need one to use with some of your other Apple devices, then you will have to pay up an extra $100 to get another, which for some may not be a very attractive deal.


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