Purchase criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different USB C multiport hub models

When choosing which product to purchase, it is important to take into account characteristics and functionalities that suit your tastes, and not choose only for the design and price of the USB C multiport hub. Next, we show you the main factors to consider to make a good purchase choice:

A number of ports:

LENTION USB-C Hub for iPad Pro/ Air

The number of ports or connection terminals that a USB C multiport hub contains is one of the determining factors when choosing one. This should be based on the number of connections you need simultaneously. You can find basic hubs with 4 ports and other multiple USB C SD card adapters with more than 4 terminals.

- Simple: Simple or basic hubs have a minimum of 4 connection ports, which are intended to increase the number of terminals in devices that have reduced terminals such as televisions and ultra-portable computers.

- Multiple: They are those that have more than 4 ports, generally 8 onwards. Hubs with this number of ports are designed for users who enjoy accessories or external devices such as mice, keyboards, hard drives, and USB storage drives, allowing increased connections to a computer.

When it comes to the number of connections, the decision will be according to the needs of each one, however, we recommend that, the greater the number of terminals in the Hub, the more external devices you can use. However, the energy that circulates through it will be divided into a number of connections.

If you only want to add a couple of connections to your computer or TV, with a simple 4-terminal hub you will not have problems with the intensity and stability of the signal that goes from the source to the final ports at a low cost.


It is important to note that, it is obviously an accessory that you will need to carry with you, it must have characteristics that allow us to use it easily, with weight being a relevant factor when choosing. Here are some tips that we hope will be useful to you.

- Light: The USB C Multiport Hub was designed as a complement, in this sense, it should provide not only comfort when using it, but also when transporting it with your laptop or other devices. We recommend opting for models that do not exceed 250 g.

- Compact: It should be easy to carry in your laptop bag. If it has more connectors then it is better as it doesn’t store much space.

LENTION USB-C Hub for iPad Pro/ Air


Buying a hub is an investment. Having a resistant and durable one is directly related to the materials with which it was made. When choosing, you must make sure that it has characteristics that give it an optimal useful life so as not to incur future expenses. Here are some shopping tips.

- Materials: In any type of hub, or connecting device through which electrical energy passes, materials are essential because of the heat transfer. We recommend opting for those whose design facilitates cooling and whose materials dissipate heat such as aluminum over plastics.

- Resistance: As it is a portable accessory, we recommend that you opt for one whose design and structure are not only pleasing to the eye but also shock resistant. The solid structure that a hub can give you will reduce the risk of failure due to blows, so we recommend opting for an aluminum one.


The power of a USB C SD Card Adapter is a factor that influences the speed due to the electrical consumption that each connection requires. USB hubs come in two types, in relation to power: dependent and self-powered, each with features intended for the devices you want to connect.

- Dependents: This type of hub can be of the passive or active type. These draw power from the device where it is connected to function and are cheaper than self-powered ones, however, they can be slower to transfer data, because as their name implies, they depend on only one power source.

- Self-powered: They correspond to those that can function independently such as smart hubs, where the USB connection to the computer is exclusively for data, and the real power for the hub, where the connected devices are drawn from a separate power source.

In case of connecting devices that require constant connection without interruptions such as transferring data from a hard drive, we recommend opting for self-powered hubs. These will provide you with a more secure connection free of speed problems.

LENTION USB-C Hub for iPad Pro/ Air


This factor is directly related to the performance of a USB C SD card adapter. Each iteration has introduced new features, the most notable being the increase in transfer speed. Other features include battery charging specifications (introduced in USB 2.0 and updated in 3.0), and better data handling for connections.

Buy this great product and make your life easier and comfortable. Also, do not miss to buy an aluminum laptop stand which is also a very useful product.

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