MacOS vs Windows: What To Pick?

Generally speaking, both macOS and windows interfaces have their own advantages and disadvantages, which can often be quite obvious to some. And despite the fact that Windows is still the most popular operating system in the world, it seems times are changing, with more and more people now choosing to switch to Apple instead. So, we decided to do a quick breakdown on both interfaces and discuss what has the advantage over the other and where to help you make a more informed purchasing decision.


However, before we get started make sure to remember that it is important that you secure whatever laptop you buy from risk of damage. In this regard, you can often do this by purchasing protective casings like a laptop sleeve or protecting your screen from damage by using a macbook air screen protector, for example. These may be small things, but they can often make a very big difference in extending the life of you new laptop.


So, let’s get started.



#1. User Friendliness - Mac (Winner)


When it comes to usability, Windows used to be the top dog in this department with its Windows 7 operating system. It was a fantastic system that was simple, seamless and efficient in how one could operate it. In this regard, it was even better than the current Windows 10 software, as the one still tends to confuse certain users  with an unnecessarily excessive amount of functionalities and features.


However, the current macOS has continuously improved itself in this department each year, simplifying every aspect of its operating system to suit any user be it an experienced one or beginner. Every utility is stored in one convent place, all the applications are stored in one place, etc. It also provides a whole host of practical shortcuts to make it easier to navigate.

For instance, if you are transferring data from your computer to an SD Card, it can often be tricky to keep everything organized on Windows. However, on macOS the process is seamless and navigation is uncomplicated, and all you need is a usb c sd card reader to facilitate a connection between your Mac and SD Card, and you are all set! This makes it the better choice, if you want a device that won’t over-complicate things from time to time.

usb c sd card reader

#2. Entertainment - Mac & Windows (Draw)


When it comes to the entertainment factor, we have to take into consideration games too. And in this regard, Windows has always set the top bar when it comes to providing an excellent gaming experience. And even with macOS expanding its software into the gaming market, PC still dominates the industry because of the general adaptability and customization it allows. However,, when you take into consideration other entertainment avenues like video streaming and music, macOS i the superior choice.


As a result, this brings them both to a tie in this area, so it purely depends on what your personal preferences are. Do you want  computer for gaming, or something to facilitate quality video streaming and music? If the answer is the latter, make sure that you get yourself a usb to hdmi hub, as you will need to maintain a reliable connection between your Mac and any external monitors, TVs and projectors you may intend to use.


#3. Business and Productivity - Mac (Winner)


When it comes to general business and productivity, the macOS system is undoubtedly the superior choice. The reason being that this is actually the main reason most people choose an Apple laptop over a Windows PC. This is especially true, when it comes to dealing with creative work like music production, graphic design, video editing, etc. In fact, over 80% of website and graphic designers prefer to utilize Mac for its seamless interface and functionality, which allows them to remain productive for extended periods of time without much stress or frustration while working.


On the other hand, you should keep in mind that it is not recommended to spend too long on your workstation without giving yourself breaks. It can often cause a number of health problems like eye strain, back pain, neck pain, etc. However, if you can’t avoid it, then you should also consider investing in a desk riser for laptop which should allow you to position yourself better for extended work periods.

 desk riser for laptop


#4. Security - Mac (Winner)


Despite the fact that macOS is starting to become more susceptible to ransomware attacks, it is still not as vulnerable to infection like Windows PCs are. As even with the use of anti-virus programs, many hackers still manage to break though and invade Windows systems easily. In this respect, the safer bet to keep your private data and information secure is to get a Mac. It offers better security and encryption, and you can always install an anti-virus program to help bolster your security as well.




In short, if you are looking for a computer that is specifically designed for a quality gaming and entertainment experience, then Windows is a good pick. However, if you need something purely for work-related purposes, then we recommend sticking with macOS.

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