How to Make MacBook Pro Faster

If you already own a high-end laptop like a MacBook, then it is only natural to expect quality performance in return. After all, you did spend a lot of money acquiring it in the first place. As a result, these devices are normally built to process a wide number of tasks simultaneously and expediently. However, whenever your Mac starts to behave problematically or its performance slows down, it means that there must be something holding it back significantly. Luckily, there are several ways by which to improve the speed of your Mac. Some of these things can be done before you purchase your Mac and others can be doe to improve the device you already have available.

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However, one of the main reasons that you may have a slow Mac is over-clogged system storage. In most cases, the excessive amount of files, documents and temporary cache files can start to consume an unnecessary amount of space on your desktop. This can inevitably lead to slow-processing speeds and even your Mac freezing more often than normal. This includes removing any stagnant data from other computers that you may be connecting to over a local area network using a usb ethernet adapter, for instance. In such cases, some of the data and files that you are sharing could end up being duplicated or left over on your Mac. As such, it is always recommended to have an external storage device on hand on which you can store all your large files or unnecessary documents, if you prefer not to simply delete them. In this respect, you should make sure you own an external storage disk drive to easily transfer your files and save significant storage space on your Mac.


In this regard, we recommend purchasing one of Lention’s usb cables, as they will do well to provide you with fast and secure data transfer. Moreover, their cables are highly durable, fast charging, offer extra length for convenience and are universally compatible to work with a wide number of computers and devices. This will further ensure that your Mac’s file transfer process proceeds smoothly and without any issues. If you do already have several storage devices, you should also invest in a Cable Organizer from Lention. These are highly useful, as they will allow you to easily store multiple cables, external disk drives and accessories, for convenient access and carry. Moreover, they all come made of a highly durable material, which does well to absorb any hard impacts. This means you can easily protect your devices in the event that you accidentally end up dropping them.


Improving Your Mac Before Purchase


There are usually a number of different options that you can select when you are browsing for a new Mac. The ones that offer the best performance often cost the most. But in most cases, they usually prove to worth the price. As such, one of the easiest ways to ensure high performance on your Mac, is to purchase one that offer a high amount of RAM to start with. It is important to choose one with a high amount of RAM, because Apple does not allow users to upgrade their RAM after purchase. In fact, it’s impossible to upgrade it after the final sale. The new MacBook models usually come with up to 32GB worth of RAM. Which if you can afford to purchase, will assuredly guarantee a high-performance machine.


Moreover, you should also take into consideration the type of internal processor that your Mac contains. This is because this can also influence the speed and performance of your Mac. For instance, the high-end models come with an 8-core Intel processor and also a 5.0GHz turbo boost. However, this is only for the most expensive MacBook Pro model, but the good news is your machine will be absolutely unstoppable. If you can’t afford this version, then you can always opt for the slightly cheaper models, which aren’t as powerful but still pretty quick, regardless. In short, you should always consider the amount of RAM, the processor, and also the amount of turbo boost.


Improving Your Mac After Purchase


If you already own a MacBook, whether it be recently new or an older version, there are still ways to improve its performance. The reality is that older models will always be slower in comparison to the latest models. However, you can at least improve the speed so that it resembles how it was when you first bought it.


  1. Utilize The Activity Monitor


This is one of the best ways to analyze your programs and apps that are active on your Mac. And also assess how much power each application is consuming in the process. The Activity Monitor essentially reports on your system memory, CPU, energy, and disk usage. You can easily open the Activity Monitor by heading to your dock and clicking on LaunchPad > Activity Monitor.


  1. Clear Space On Your Desktop


Another way by which you can improve your Mac’s performance is by cleaning your overly cluttered desktop. This will help speed up your Mac, as putting files in folders instead of s icons on your desktop saves a lot of RAM in the process. If there are any important documents or data present on your desktop that are taking too much space but you would rather not delete, then make use of your external storage drive.  Simply connect your usb-c hub and plug in any external storage device to transfer those files from your Mac. Once you are done sorting out your desktop, you can then reboot your Mac and you should start to notice a significant change in processing speed.


  1. Delete Any Unused Applications


If your Mac has numerous applications installed on it, then can be a big cause of slow performance. As such, it’s always recommended to delete any unused or unnecessary applications before they become a major problem. After all, you can always re-install any unused apps, later if you end up needing them again.

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