How to choose your USB hub?

The USB-C to USB-C hub is very practical for connecting several peripherals when all the ports of your PC are taken. Here we are going to explain how to choose your model?

After having sifted through several models of MacBook hub adapter, we decided on our favorite choice on this model. Simply because, in our opinion, it brings together the essential functions of any good USB hub. Already, it has 4 ports, all in USB 3.0, the current standard of the moment. Each of them has a button that allows you to turn it off and on according to your needs.

Finally, this is an electrically powered model, which allows each device plugged into the hub to receive the amount of power it needs to function properly, no matter what you use it for. There are several uses of MacBook hub adapter and that make your life easier.


The USB hub, why?

There are countless reasons to have a USB port available on your computer. However, we don't always have enough ports available on our computer, so we end up unplugging/plugging in cables every 2 minutes. This is where the USB Hub with long cable comes in. You simply need to plug it into an available port, and it can accommodate 2, 4, 8, 10... In short, as many additional ports as you want. Its operation is very simple: the hub receives all the necessary quantity of energy and will be responsible for distributing it among the various connected peripherals according to their needs.

They are very handy tools that work in plug-and-play, so you just have to plug them in and use them immediately. When removing a device connected to a USB, you can go through your computer to tell it to disconnect it correctly before unplugging the plug. This prevents damage, especially to storage devices, and it only takes a few seconds. However, there are devices that work in the hot-swap, which means that you can remove the cable from the USB port without disconnecting it first without affecting its functionality.

Mains or PC power supply:

Some of the best USB C dock hub models only connect via USB to your PC, which supplies power to it in addition to increasing the number of available ports.

Others offer an external power supply that must be plugged into an outlet in order for it to receive power. We recommend the second model if you are the type to connect several devices to charge: smartphone, camera, camera, portable battery, etc. If you use a regular USB hub, plugged into your computer only, you risk much longer than usual charging time, overall performance degradation, and an over-revving computer. Depending on your usage, then you will want to choose a hub that uses a conventional power supply.

The number of ports:

If we use the USB 3.0 hub with long cable to add a few additional ports, the average being four, it is however not recommended to exceed a certain number of additional ports. Indeed, we do not advise you to go beyond seven USB ports on your hub, otherwise your peripherals will operate at a slow speed. Indeed, it should be remembered that the hub distributes the energy among all the cables connected to it. And if you use too much at the same time and at full power, you risk causing malfunctions both on your PC, and on the peripherals connected to it.


Features and aesthetics:

Some USB hubs have options that can be convenient and that you can keep an eye on when choosing your model. For example, there are USB hubs with switches for each of the ports. This will turn off the ones you don't use while leaving the cable plugged into them.

Also, it is possible to have hubs that also act as an SD card reader, microSD, etc. This is very handy if your PC does not have these ports natively, and it eliminates the need for an external adapter which takes up even more space.

Finally, you can indulge yourself in the design of your USB hub, by opting for original models that take the colors or shapes of your favorite universes. Be careful, however, not to sacrifice efficiency for the sake of aesthetics, because often these fancy hubs are not of very good quality. But for occasional use, they can do just fine and brighten up your office.

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