Can I Play Video Games On Mac?

It’s no secret that Mac laptops have not exactly been known to be the best system for playing games on. Although Apple focussed on developing a supremely efficient and smooth operation system, it was Windows that continued to develop its system to be more open and inclusive of game developers and their work.


However, in recent years, the difference between the two platforms has significantly reduced. With Apple now boasting a sizeable number of video games that are highly playable on Mac. And has even released its own subscription-based game platform - Apple Arcade. This then raises the question, since gaming is becoming more and more prevalent on the macOS system, why not dive into some of the best games that Mac users can play on the Mac in 2020?


Why Is Gaming On PC More Popular Than Mac?


One of the main reasons that the Windows platform enjoys such a wider catalog of games comes down purely to the hardware available. With Apple making it’s own hardware and software, this has allowed them to keep control. However, Microsoft is the complete opposite. As, they preferred a more open design system that allowed a wider and more expansive selection of hardware and software to run on its operating system. For instance, Sony or HP can design and manufacture their own hardware, then license the Windows OS accordingly.


This open concept by Microsoft has allowed any PCs to utilise all the newest graphics. Plus all the newest innovations when they are released. Moreover, Microsoft already had a far wider user base and still does due to overall affordability, which meant it was the more appealing option to game developers and game publishers to market their video games on Windows rather than macOS.


However, in recent times that has begun to change. As Apple started to acquire similar hardware architecture that PCs utilize. This means that many of the games that were designed to function on PC, can now be ported onto macOS, which is able to run video games smoothly due to it’s more powerful hardware. That said, when picking out which games to play on your Mac, it’s clear that having the right hardware and accessories most especially, plays an important role.


Getting The Right Hardware And Accessories


On average, video games are usually split into three main categories; indie, esports and blockbuster games. When it comes to the indie genre, these are normally private developer games that can be run without too much processing power. Meanwhile, the e-sport genre is mostly comprised of multiplayer games that require a fair amount of processing power. The final genre, blockbuster is mostly high-end developer type of games like RPGs. These games require a significant amount of computing power and powerful hardware to run. In short, when it comes to indie games, almost any MacBook is capable of running them. However, when it comes to the other two genres, they may require a bit more selection when you are picking out the hardware for your next Mac.


For instance a hardware consideration that you will need to take into account is to make sure that your Mac has a dedicated GPU. This is important because many of Apple’s computers, utilise an onboard graphics chip instead of a GPU. The problem with that is while they are normally efficient, they d not produce enough processing power to tackle high-end games. Another consideration is to select a Mac that offers up a higher amount of available RAM, eg. instead of choosing the cheaper 8GB option, opt for the 16GB instead.


Additionally, you should make sure that you have sufficient disk space available. For instance, if you are struggling to make space on your Mac, is to utilise an external storage drive and purchasing a USB C Adapter will prove very useful as well. This is because since games take such a sizeable chunk out of your storage space, you can always use this Mac accessory to transfer and store the files externally on an external hard drive. Moreover, it extends the limits of your laptop, giving you a wider number of ports to connect or charge other external devices eg. iPhone. Another similarly useful Mac accessory you should consider is a docking station. It lets you connect your iPad or Mac with any extra devices that you might want to use for gaming or streaming, all in one place. This includes an external monitor, mouse, microphone, among many other extra devices.


Top 3 Games To Play On Mac


Diablo 3: This is an action-based RPG that allows you level up your character and defeat thousands of enemies. You can then collect new gear and more powerful weapons. It is also an advanced multiplayer, that allows you to play with your friends online.


Cuphead: This is a retro run and gun video game that allows up to two players and allows you to go up against a roster of challenging opponents. It is very popular due its cartoon styled design and simple gaming interface.


Fortnite: Everybody has heard of Fortnite and it is one of the most popular games to play on Mac. The game has users fighting the other players to be the last man standing on a remote island. It’s many gameplay elements has made it one of the best games worldwide for Mac players everywhere.


These are just are few good examples of some Mac game titles that you can dive into today. However, with more and more games being developed to be compatible with the macOS system everyday, this means that you even if you own a slightly older version of the Mac, you should still be able to find a game that plays very well on your laptop.

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