A List of Very Important and Useful Accessories for MacBook

A List of Very Important and Useful Accessories for MacBook:

Every MacBook user, especially all the latest models, has to consider a list of MacBook accessories that he will need sooner or later. Therefore, taking into account that the list of accessories for the MacBook can be endless, we are going to group the accessories into several categories and review some of the accessories that we find the most useful and of the highest quality.

  1. USB-C port:

If you have one of the latest Apple laptop models, be it MacBook or MacBook Pro, you know that you are forced to buy a USB C multiport hub to connect any USB peripherals, memory cards, network connections to your laptop, etc.

  1. Cases, covers, and protection for your MacBook:

Nobody we like that our laptop and more in the case of a MacBook is scratched or hit. Therefore, it is interesting to consider buying a good laptop leather sleeve. A case to transport it or any other protection that keeps our laptop as safe as possible.

laptop leather sleeve

  1. Leather shoulder bags:

If you are one of those who do not like backpacks and prefer a leather shoulder bag for your MacBook, you will love these types of shoulder bags. It comes with different pockets, where you can organize your belongings well, with compartments for the charger, notebooks, pens, documentation, etc.

  1. Chargers and external batteries (power banks):

If you are one of those who travel a lot or are on the street all day without the possibility of being able to plug your MacBook into a power source, it will be great to buy an external battery.

  1. External hard drives and memories:

If you are looking for an external hard drive for Mac, you will have to bear in mind that there is a great offer on the market and you will not know which one to decide on. To do this, above all, you will have to take into account factors such as size, price, type of connection, whether it is disk or SSD, capacity, connectivity, shock resistance. 

  1. Magsafe for MacBook:

One of the best inventions that the old Apple laptops had and that we now miss in the new models is the Magsafe connector. This connection has saved me more than once from someone hooking ourselves with the cable of our MacBook throwing it to the ground since by its design, it connects magnetically making disconnecting the laptop much easier and the cable do not drag it into a possible snag.

  1. Water repellent Mac cover:

This MacBook sleeve includes a layer of polyester foam padding and a waterproof Neoprene lining for better shock and scratch absorption. If you buy it, be careful to choose one that adapts to the size of your laptop as there are several models as well as colors. It comes with an additional sleeve to store small accessories such as the charger, the cable, or a mouse.

  1. Thunderbolt 2 to Displayport:

Thunderbolt 2 to Displayport is also one of the very important accessories which you should not miss buying. It is a very portable and lightweight adapter that is also compatible with your MacBook to monitor, projector, or HDTV. The main advantage of this accessory is its ability to support and its super-fast speed.

Thunderbolt 2 to Displayport

That’s it - These are some of the best and useful accessories for your MacBook. But remember, always prefer to buy and use Original and Genuine accessories.

Why use original Apple accessories and not generic ones?

The accessories of Chinese origin are very similar externally to the official ones and cheaper than an original Apple charger, but with much lower quality in the material, for which they come to generate security complications.

Following are the reasons why you should always prefer to choose original and genuine Apple accessories.

- Generic accessories can damage the input ports of your Apple products because they were not designed specifically for it, and their power and voltage are variable, which would affect the life of the battery and the MacBook itself.

- Among the risks of using generic accessories, we find numerous cases of cables with poor resistance that ended up exploding in the hands of the user, and although it does not always happen, it should be noted that cheap is expensive.

- Chinese or cheap quality accessories owe their low prices to their mass production, low-quality material as well as recycled products, that is why their lifetime is shorter when we purchase it, we run the risk that our new accessory comes with a reduced lifetime.

- And it is better to make a good investment in an original Apple accessory than to risk the life of our iPhone and ours! with generic accessories.

In summary, we can see that a generic accessory is cheaper, however, it leaves us without any guarantee exposing us to possible higher expenses. On the other hand, an original Apple accessory has guarantees of quality and operation, long life, and offers security. It is better to make a good investment than a bad and higher expense.

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