The Review of the LENTION L5b Adjustable Height Laptop Stand with Multiple Angle(Stand-L5b)

As u can see i do actually have a new laptop stand, as @lentionofficial was awesome to have gifted me their L5B multi-angle, multi-level laptop stand! some features u should know about:
- its made of thick premium alloy with tons of heft and is very much sturdy!
- its completely adjustable plus having screws means you can better adjust it to your liking :D
- its got anti-slip rubber pads at the bottom of the base and on the laptop area, to keep your devices from slipping around!

if you're interested in getting your own lention stand, do check them out and feel free to use the code DULS20Z for 20% off on your purchase! (and yup they ship ww!)

thank you so much again to lention for making this (super dream) collab happen! 💜

The review by @study.fern