Save Workspace|LENTION Aluminum Space-Saving Vertical Desktop Stand (Stand-LS2)

I’ve found a new way to make even more space with @lentionofficial’s LS2 Laptop Stand! here are some of the features I love about it:

☑️ This stand allows me store my laptop vertically. Since my laptop was intended to be a tablet as well, I can even use it like a monitor with my external keyboard!
☑️ Adjustment is oh-so-easy, and this stand’s width can be changed from 0.36 to 1.4 inches. Perfect for my laptop, cos she’s pretty thick! 😅
☑️ So sturdy! The stand itself is heavy and has rubber paddings on the inside to make sure your laptop is protected and scratch-free. I personally used to have a plastic stand but it was flimsy, so the LS2 is definitely an upgrade!

Want one for yourself and other amazing finds for your workspace? Go to @lentionofficial’s official website and you can get 20% OFF on your cart with my code “RELS20” upon checkout 😁

thank you again @lentionofficial for gifting me another beautiful product! 

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