Review|Lention L1 Laptop Stand and C600 Handbag -Use the Code IBLS20 Get 20% off

Hello!! 💛 Today I want to show you these products for the mac that have been sent to me from @lentionofficial 🤩
The first thing is this aluminum stand that you see in the photo. I find it super comfortable both to use it at the desk and if we are sitting on the sofa or in bed! It works for any computer and you can even use it for the iPad too ✨
And then, this padded case, which is great for me now that I am going to study at the library because I know that the computer is super protected! It also has another front pocket in which we can carry what we need and it is water resistant😍

✨Also they have given me a discount code for you of 20% using "IBLS20"


The review by @ibiostudy