Review|LENTION Aluminum Space-Saving Vertical Desktop Stand (Stand-LS2)

I'm really thankful for @lentionofficial for sending me their  LS2 Aluminium Space Saving Vertical Dekstop stand 🥰. It's really helpfull if you have a small desk. I used the stand whenever i'm not using my laptop for study. I never thought that I need it 😆
Some of the feaures that I love about it:
1. Premium rubber mat for protection and to avoid the stand from moving.
2. Adjustable size so don't worry if you have thick laptop.
3. Its store the laptop vertically!
If you want it for yourself you can go to @lentionofficial website and  can get a 20% OFF with my code "YALS20".

The reveiw by @yoaar_