Longest time wanting to get of this laptop stand

I’d like to share with you this laptop stand that i have been wanting to get for the longest time 🥺
Thankfully, @lentionofficial kindly gifted me their L5 Laptop Stand.

Key Features:
✨Adjustable angle & height (2 - 13 Inches)
✨Anti-slipped X-type rubber pads design
✨3mm thickness aluminum premium alloy structure ensures the stability
✨Aluminum alloy material for the heat dissipation
✨Heavy duty up to 5kg
✨Exquisite and compact

 It’s also very stable so it doesn’t easily go down when being used.

 If you’re interested in getting this as well, you may visit their website: www.lention.com and use my code “RVLS20” for a 20% off.


Post by @ria.vida_
Review link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSzH9HyBUxJ/