LENTION L5b Adjustable Height Laptop Stand|Use The Code “KMLS20” for 20% off!

Laptops’ flexibility allow you to instantly transport your work from home to a cafe, library, office, etc. However, from an ergonomics view, a laptop owner has a difficult time adjusting a laptop to fit their height differences leading to muscle strain & pain. A great way to improve your laptop experience is via a laptop stand! 👩🏽‍💻

Here are 10 reasons for why you should own a laptop stand:
1. Levelling a laptop to your eye level can help prevent eye strain & neck pain.
2. A height adjustable laptop stand elevates a laptop from a hard surface (i.e., desk) or lap & helps keep a laptop cooler; thereby, increasing a laptop’s performance.
3. Lightweight & portable nature of laptop stands allow them to be carried alongside a laptop to a desired location.
4. When not using an external keyboard, it centres the laptop keyboard height to one’s ideal elbow level, reducing hunching.
5. Helps angle a laptop to reduce screen glare, further reducing eye strain & headaches.
6. Reduces clutter by placing the keyboard & mouse under the laptop stand when not using a laptop.
7. Helps fix posture.
8. In case of a spill, the laptop is protected as it’s elevated from the spilled surface.
9. Can position a laptop when working while sitting or standing.
10. Can be used as a bookstand or other organization tool to place other things when not holding a laptop.

Today I will be recommending to you the LENTION L5B laptop stand. This is the third laptop stand I own and it probably will be my last thanks to @lentionofficial. 🌱

If you’re interested in getting the LENTION L5B laptop stand, you can use the code “KMLS20” for 20% off!


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