LENTION L5 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand Desk Riser with Multiple Angle (Stand-L5)

I'm happy to have an incredible new tool to improve my study sessions- the  L5 Space Grey laptop stand! 👩🏼‍💻

It is a sturdy stand made from stainless steel, with rubber pads beneath the stand and on top of the plate where you place your laptop, so it can support heavy laptops (like mine!) and prevents slipping! You can also adjust the angle and elevation of your laptop.

Being able to adjust both height and angle has been very helpful for my study sessions. You can find the perfect angle to work with and raise the laptop to eye level, which helps with my back posture a huge amount, especially that I have to spend long hours in the chair. In addition, because I often study using print-outs and textbooks I double this as a bookstand because of how comfortable this stand is.
I would whole-heartedely recommend this stand to anyone that is looking for a durable and ergonomic stand for their workspace!☺


nice review by @kuzia.studies on Instagram

the review link:https://www.instagram.com/p/CQyYU0NBqAj/