LENTION adjustable height laptop stand L5

I’m grateful for is this new addition on my desk!!! I’ve been wanting a light but sturdy stand that I can use for my ipad and laptop. Gladly, @lentionofficial sent me their Lention L5 laptop stand. It’s the perfect stand for my desk as I can also use it for my iPad whenever I read and take notes! (No more neck pains for me!!)


Things I love about this stand 💻✨


It’s compatible to all laptop within 11”-15” (also compatible with my iPad, which is 11”)
Very flexible!!! The height and angle can be adjusted (2-13 inches)
It has anti-slip rubber pads.
Very stable! It’s made with thick aluminum premium alloy.
Very compact and light. You can carry it everywhere.
Sleek and aesthetic! Will prolly match any setup you have!!



If you think the qualities of this stand will be a great addition on your desk, use my code HALILS20 so you can get a discount from Lention when you buy 💻



Review by @twentieswithali on Instagram

Review link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXGQPMxBo9y/