Ergonomic Laptop Stand|LENTION L5b Adjustable Height Laptop Stand

Hello dear friends! How's your weekend so far? ☁️

Recently @lentionofficial kindly gifted me this L5b laptop stand 🤍 I haven't had much experience on any laptop stands even when I still work at the office, usually I just use a laptop cooler but this stand is truly a game changer especially for my posture (no more long hours slouching 😅)

These and more are just some of the things I love about this stand:

▫️adjustable height and is very flexible at any angle
▫️ the angle of the stand can be adjusted using a socket wrench-- just loosen, adjust, and tighten the screws
▫️ VERY sturdy and stable
▫️ made of thick premium alloy
▫️ anti slip rubber pads design between the laptop and the stand to avoid scratches
▫️ sleek design perfect for any desk set up

If you want to have an L5b stand of your own, you can use this Lention discount code upon check out-- EGLS20 to avail a 20% off!

Thank you so much again @lentionofficial for sending this beauty over! 🤍

The review by @selflove.engr