Better than wooden laptop stand——LENTION laptop stand L5

— I would like to thank @lentionofficial for kindly gifting me their Lention - L5 Laptop Stand

I really love this one, I have been wanting this kind of laptop stand for a long time, don’t get me wrong, my wooden laptop stand is amazing, but this one is better because I can finally adjust its height & angle!

Key features ✨
• Adjustable angle & height (2-13 inches)
• Anti-slipped X-type rubber pads design
• 3mm thickness aluminum premium alloy structure — ensuring stability
• Aluminum alloy material for the heat dissipation
• heavy duty up to 5KG
• exquisite and compact

It’s very difficult to adjust, but I like it because it just means that my laptop is secured 💛

If you’re interested, you can check out this laptop stand at @lentionofficial ‘s website: and you can use my discount code ✨ SGLS20 ✨ so you can enjoy 20% off 🤍

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