Best partner for learning|LEENTION L5b Adjustable Height Laptop Stand|(Stand L5b)

Love this L5b Adjustable Height Laptop Stand Desk Riser with Multiple Angle sent by @lentionofficial

Reasons why I love this laptop stand and of course for you to probably buy it also!
✨It has a sleek design, made of aluminum premium alloy that ensures its stability and heat dissipation (It is really stable especially when you are typing 🙌🏼)
✨It is heavy duty up to 5kg (I can personally affirm this knowing that my laptop is quite heavy 🥲)
✨It has wide compatibility to all laptops within 11”-15”
✨It also has anti-slip rubber pads which helps avoid scratches between the laptop and the stand (One of my topmost worries why at first, I was hesitant on buying laptop stands is because I don’t what my laptop to get scratches, but because of L5b stand’s anti-slip rubber, I don’t have to worry anymore ☺️)

✨It can be adjusted to any height you want! The L5b stand’s damping sense of the support shaft can be adjusted!
✨You can adjust the tightness and the tilt angle according to your need. (Definitely my fave because it gives me just the right viewing height when I adjust it, making me comfortable and reduces my physical strain on the neck, shoulders, and back. It also increases my comfort and productivity! ✨)
✨You can also raise the notebook to a comfortable height! (The notebook can be also be raised, facilitating a height that levels with my eyes 🥰)

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