Back to School-LENTION 7-in-1 USB C Hub(CB-C36B)

back to lessons ☁️
what do you take to classes?
• I try and keep what’s in my bag to a minimum since carrying heavy luggage is a back breaker! I for stationary/school related items I tend to stick to my iPad, small pencil case, headphones and a power pack (other than things like masks, hair bands etc)

So I’ve recently partnered with @lentionofficial to show you their new USB-C hub which can be used for iPads and Laptops alike, it’s super useful for added storage as it gives me the ability to connect USB memory sticks, card readers, HDMI cables and so much more. Also another bonus is that one of the colour options is pink ☺️

The hub is super portable and I really love this product so I’ll be taking it with me everywhere I go, especially for school!! 💌

For 20% off all @lentionofficial ‘s products; use code CFLS20 🤎🤎
The nice review by @cafemlk.png on Instagram.