A sturdy but flexible laptop stand from LENTION

#qotd: what’s that one thing u look forward to do after a long day?

1/2 oral exam done! the package from @lentionofficial arrived just after the revalida, it was like a gift for a job well done! 😅 i was really excited and unboxed the package at once! thank you so much, lention, for sending this over! here are a few features i love about this lention L5 adjustable height laptop stand:

💻 it is very sturdy! i had a hard time adjusting the pivot but it was a good thing bcs it assures me that the product is sturdy!
💻 it is very flexible! ironic isn’t it? hehe but one of the key features of this stand is that it can be adjusted to different angles!
💻 i love the design! couldn’t stress how much i love it bcs it suits the whole ~vibe~ of my desk hehe super sleek and minimal!

#a: unboxing parcels hehe i try not to open packages when I have pending tasks, it’s sort of like a motivation to finish my deliverables 😅 but if no package, ofc a long nap!! 😴

have a great week, my friends! 🥰🤍

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